The main advantages of plastic steel profiles

15 Nov, 2023

Thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity of plastic steel profiles is extremely low, lower than that of aluminum profiles, and can effectively isolate the temperature inside and outside. In winter, the indoor temperature is guaranteed to be about 10 degrees higher than the outdoor temperature, and in the summer it will be 5-8 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.
Rich colors: Plastic steel profiles can be produced in various colors, and the surface coating can be made into various imitation wood looks and styles.
Durable: Reinforced steel is added inside the plastic steel profile. The multi-cavity structure design can realize independent drainage chambers to avoid corrosion of the steel and extend the service life of doors and windows. At the same time, it has strong UV resistance and can be used with confidence even under strong UV rays.
Low price: The price of plastic steel profiles is lower than the same amount of alloy and metal materials. Especially today when the price of metal raw materials is rising, the price advantage of plastic steel is very obvious.
Good sound insulation effect: Plastic steel profiles have good sealing properties and can well block external noise and provide a good living environment.