The price for UPVC profiles has been rising

12 Oct, 2021

Controlling the electric power, keeping on raising the PVC price, which pushed the price of the upvc profiles higher day by day.

Even worse, the flooding in Shanxim which China’s the largest coal producing province. As a result, the electric power control

will become more and more stringent. Customers who still is waiting the price for PVC profiles falling.Hurry up and take action.

The price for UPVC profiles will be reach new high level.Buy early and earn early.Some factories have been receiving foreign trade

orders but have stopped production at the same time due to rising raw material prices and controlling the electric power. Obviously,

how far away for the delivery date!

During these tough time, choosing our factory is your best choise. For customers who pay 50% or more of the deposit, we will give

you the good price and good the service. Any details pls contact us.




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