Things to note when selecting and installing UPVC profile windows:

24 Jan, 2024

Understand the characteristics and advantages of UPVC profile windows, including their beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, water tightness and good heat insulation.
When choosing high-quality UPVC profile windows, pay attention to the quality and grade of the profile. A good profile should be a reasonably designed multi-cavity, thick wall, contain anti-aging and anti-UV additives in the formula, and be bluish white in color. At the same time, attention should be paid to the quality and installation of the glass. When sealing exterior windows, the glass selected should be flat, without water lines, firmly installed, not in direct contact with plastic profiles, and have sealing strips to close the gaps.
Choose the appropriate UPVC profile window style and specifications according to your own needs and actual conditions, and pay attention to the installation location and height.
Before installation, carefully check the quality of the windows, including sash, window frame, glass and other parts, to ensure there is no damage or problems.
Install according to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, and pay attention to safe operation to avoid the window sash falling or being installed incorrectly.
After installation, inspection must be carried out to check whether the window opens and closes smoothly, whether the sealing performance is good, and whether there is air leakage or water seepage.