7 Jul, 2017

Welded joint windows / doors are welded to ensure that there is no air gap. This high quality precision binds the house from dust and noise.

Thermal breakage reduces the cost of electricity by the poor thermal conductivity of the uPVC material, thus maintaining noise cooling and reducing power consumption.

The fire retardant profile eliminates the risk of fire and ensures the safety of you and your family.

Antistatic properties uPVC’s antistatic properties prevent dust and other harmful dust particles on the panel. The wood finish laminates is as good as wood.

Maximum water density and wind resistance The system uses a wider range of angle profiles, with strong rain resistance and joint sealing, to ensure that the strong wind, heavy rain and salty air additional protection.

Recyclable, easy to recycle, and will not leave any hazardous waste in the environment.

Smooth surfaces are easy to clean uPVC’s surface is non-porous and does not allow dust or any other particles to settle on its surface. This makes it easy to clean all doors and windows.