UPVC door and window sealing materials have various characteristics

9 Apr, 2024

First of all, these sealing materials have excellent weather resistance and can resist the erosion of sunlight, rain and various climatic conditions for a long time, thereby maintaining stable performance and not easy to age or deform.
Secondly, these sealing materials also have good elasticity and wear resistance, and can maintain a tight fit during the opening and closing process of doors and windows, effectively preventing the entry of air, moisture and dust. This tight fit not only improves the insulation performance of doors and windows, but also helps isolate noise, providing a more comfortable and quiet indoor environment.
In addition, the sealing materials of UPVC doors and windows are also environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful substances, and are harmless to human health. At the same time, these materials are easy to clean and maintain, maintaining the beauty and performance of doors and windows over the long term.