Investigation and Analysis on the Development of UPVC Doors and Windows in European Market

5 Jul, 2017

Europe is the world’s largest building windows and doors market. The development of the entire building windows and doors is also very perfect. The plastic doors and windows in Europe accounted for a considerable seat.

In Europe, the occupancy of PVC doors and windows rate is greater than other products. UPVC profile has a great advantage. Its market share is 85%. Of course, the opening mode is mostly inward and outward, which mainly depends on the local living habits and climate. At the same time, according to the situation of PVC doors and windows in European market, its cross-section is larger than the domestic ones. Because people concerned about the parameters of energy saving and environmental protection. Also the thickness of European standard is between 1.5 and 2.5, which is the size range. Although many domestic enterprises reduce their costs to produce thickness less than 1.5, which will bring some hidden dangers. The thickness of PVC in Europe is between 2.5 and 3.5, which is one of the most basic requirements.

From the 50’s Europe began to develop and apply steel doors and windows system, so far its development is very alarming. From the early single-chamber structure, to the present multi-cavity structure, UPVC doors and windows system develop very  fast. This is the development process in Europe. Why their products are developing, upgrading so fast? The enterprises are not willing to do this. Because the legislation launched by local government departments on building energy conservation and environmental protection develops & update every year. So forced by the government severe policy background, the product must be developed. But in the market, not only one is committed to improving the energy and environmental protection of UPVC doors and windows performance, we can see a lot of companies involved, but they are mainly based on aluminum. So this is why more and more enterprises are increasingly concerned about the development of UPVC doors and windows, while there is more and more stringent legislation, a lot of aluminum alloy was eliminated.

The situation in the Dutch market, bordering Denmark, most of the region is relatively mild climate. More than 60% of the buildings are completed before the World War II building. So its main market is the second renovation, the old building transformation. Dutch rarely produce doors or windows, they mainly import from Germany and Turkey, Eastern Europe. In the Dutch market, the share of PVC doors and windows is relatively lower than the overall level of Europe, because from the traditional, its culture, its market background, mainly based on wooden windows.

The Swiss market and the German market are about the same. However in Switzerland legislation is more stringent than Germany. The PVC window has a feature, which is different from the domestic products, that between the glass and profiles are fixed live, not later installed. So from the production process, these two parts are combined together by some special technology.