Knowledge of upvc doors and Windows

29 Mar, 2020

Knowledge of upvc doors and Windows

Knowledge of plastic steel doors and Windows; 1, plastic steel doors and Windows elements; 1, plastic steel profiles; (1) classification of plastic steel profiles; According to the doors and Windows brand of imported profiles and domestic profiles; A. Imported profile: Germany vica (58 series sliding window (83); B. Domestic profiles: xi ‘an gaoke (80, 85, 88, 60); 60); Anhui conch (88, 60); Zhejiang zhongcai (80,; According to the type of doors and Windows, sliding door profiles, push-pull window profiles, flat door profiles; According to the width of the section 88, 85, 80, 60 and other types (basic; (4) according to the profile

Knowledge of plastic steel doors and Windows

A, window element of model steel. UPVC plastic steel doors and Windows is the fourth generation of energy-saving doors and Windows after the wood doors and Windows, steel doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows (the fifth generation is aluminum plastic composite doors and Windows namely broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows; The sixth generation is aluminum clad wood doors and Windows that aluminum wood composite doors and Windows). The element of door window basically has: profile, glass, hardware, auxiliary material, screen window to wait.

1, plastic steel profiles

(1) classification of plastic steel profiles

According to the door and window brand of imported profiles and domestic profiles.

A. Imported profile: vica (58 series sliding window (83), 58 series flat window); German komeren (80 series sliding window, 58 series flat window); South Korea LG (88 series sliding window, 60 series flat window).

B. Domestic profiles: xi ‘an gaoke (80, 85, 88, 60); Dalian shide (80, 88,

60); Anhui conch (88, 60); Zhejiang zhongcai (80, 88, 60); Tianjin jinpeng (80, 88, 60), etc.

According to the type of doors and Windows divided into sliding door profile, push-pull window profile, profile, profile, profile (open, open), window profile, door profile, shutter profile.

According to the width of the section 88, 85, 80, 60 and other types (the basic size is so, but the name of each manufacturer is a little different).

(4) according to the profile surface treatment of different parts of the white profile, two-color co-extrusion profile, coated profile, overall coloring profile.

According to the profile structure divided into a single cavity, double cavity and three cavity.

(2) specification requirements of plastic steel profiles

The whole body coloring profile is not suitable for building doors and Windows.

Profile wall thickness specifications. According to the requirements of national production standard GB/ t8814-2004,

The standard of plastic steel profiles is divided into three categories: ABC. The wall thickness of the visible surface of class A profiles should not be less than 2.8mm, and the non-visible surface should not be less than 2.5mm. Class B visual 2.5mm, non-visual 2.2 mm; Class C does not make special requirement, normal profile should be in 2.0mm above, according to engineering requirement and section structure are different, wall thickness can have different.

The minimum measured wall thickness of the visible surface of the main profile with flat window should not be less than 2.5mm, and the minimum measured wall thickness of the visible surface of the main profile with flat door should not be less than 2.8mm. The minimum measured wall thickness of the main profile visible side should not be less than 2.2mm, and the minimum measured wall thickness of the main profile visible side of the sliding door should not be less than

2.5 mm. Wall thickness of window of model steel door is different, material intensity is different, quality differs greatly.

The specification of steel lining. Should be according to the window of the wind compressive strength, deflection calculation results. The steel lining that model steel window inserts in plastic profile inside should use galvanizing anticorrosion processing, and thickness should not be less than 1.2 mm, the minimum wall thickness of reinforced steel lining should not be less than 1.5mm.

2. Glass. Generally 5 mm thick float glass. Float glass differs from ordinary glass in that it has fewer impurities and is more transparent.

3. Hardware. Including pulley, hinge, door and window lock, etc.

(1) according to its brands, it can be divided into silvia, gewu, guoqiang, lianxin, chunguang and beixin.

(2) classification by window type:

Push-pull window: crescent lock (latch), pulley;

External window: single point holding hand, sliding support (or two point lock, sliding support) and other four combinations; Inside window: two point lock + hold hand, slide brace (or + hinge + wind brace);

Inside open inside inverted window: two point lock + holding hand, inside open inside inverted component.

4, screen window,

(1) push and pull the window screen. Both inside and outside, yarn type:

Plastic yarn. The material is polyethylene plastic window screen, divided into flat weave and twisted weave. Flat weave features: warp and weft are single silk, uniform mesh, thick diameter, beautiful; Knitting features:

Warp silk is double silk, weft silk is a single wire, wire diameter is smaller, cheap.

Fiberglass yarn. Features: green environmental protection, do not contain harmful to the atmosphere of the chlorine fluoride; It has the advantages of weather resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, dry resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant, anti-static resistance, good light transmission, no channeling, no deformation, ultraviolet resistance, large tensile strength, long service life and so on.

(3) nylon yarn

(4) aluminum yarn

(5) stainless steel yarn. Strong and durable.

(2) open the window screen

Open the screen window. The use of the above several kinds of gauze, plastic steel yarn frame, simple and practical. Invisible window screen. Invisible window screening is the use of glass fiber single silk coated plastic flat weaving process weaving, after the heat setting, warp and weft bonding, with good permeability, sunshade and other properties, is currently China’s ordinary window screening replacement products. The product has the characteristics of high grade, wide use, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, easy cleaning without deformation, long service life and so on. At present, it is the best protection product against insects, mosquitoes and flies in high-grade office buildings, residential buildings, various buildings, livestock farms, orchards.

Internally open or internally open the use of external type of pull down invisible yarn; External flat open with built-in pull – down invisible yarn (has jie higher brand).

Two, technical specification of window of model steel door

1. Window design

(1) the sealing performance and insulation performance requirements are high use of the open window, otherwise the use of sliding window. Flat window is better than push-pull window on performance, all model steel flat window is the best choice of cost performance model steel door window.

(2) generally, considering the load bearing of the pulley and the anti-wind compressive strength of the material itself, the width of the double-fan push-pull window should not exceed 1.8m, and the height of the fan should not be greater than 1.5m.

(3) when the mouth width of the mouth is less than 60, push-pull Windows should not be used; instead, open Windows or up-hung Windows should be considered.

(4) the width of the horizontal opening fan should not be more than 60 branches, and the horizontal opening fan of the insulating glass should be no more than 55 branches. The height should not be greater than 1.5m for window sashes with flat hinges, and the height should not be greater than 1.2m for sashes with sliding supports.

(5) it is advisable to open the flat window within, which can effectively improve the safety performance. If the design requires external opening, safety protection measures should be added in the design; No external Windows for buildings over 7 floors; Suspension sash height should not be greater than 80, width should not be greater than 1.2m.

(6) generally, considering the bearing of the pulley and the stiffness of the material, the width of the sliding door fan should not be greater than 2.0m and the height should not exceed 2.2m; If exceed this specification, need to choose special add heavy duty pulley and profile.

(7) in general, the width of flat door should not be greater than 90 branches and the height should not be larger than 2.2m. The width of double flat door should be between 1.2m and 1.8m.

(8) minimize the use of three sliding Windows. If it must be used, it is advisable to use the form of 4 equal parts, which can ensure nearly half of the ventilation.

2. Profile selection and structure design

(1) for general multi-layer, small high-rise push-pull window, appropriate to choose 80 series, high-rise or store larger push-pull window, appropriate to use 88 or 85 series.

(2) 80, 88 series push sash window, 60 series sliding door, 60 series flat open doors and Windows can choose double color co-extrusion.

Three, the factor that decides door window price of model steel

1. Profile quality

Look at the appearance of the profile. High – quality plastic steel profile because it contains anti – aging, anti – ultraviolet

Chemical composition, from the appearance, the color should be cyan white (white in bluish), not everyone usually think of white or milky white; The inner cavity is a three – cavity structure (with a closed drainage cavity, isolation cavity, cavity) profile. The color is too white or gray, which indicates that the stable components in the material are not enough, and the aging becomes yellow.

Medium and low grade plastic steel profiles are white in yellow. Because the calcium in profile formula is more, bask in ability is bad, use a few years later can become more yellow until aging, deformation, brittle crack.

See the profile name. Toxic model steel door window is used commonly with the lead salt class stabilizer with low price is main raw material, this kind of raw material contains lead, the name is “PVC profile”; Avirulent model steel door window USES avirulent and pollution-free, accord with the mercaptan organic tin T-137 stabilizer that environmental protection asks, the name is “UPVC profile”.

2, profile thickness. For steel Windows, the form has 60 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm, 88 mm four thickness. The thicker the profile, the higher the price. Generally speaking, the model steel profile with 60 thick applies to 6 floors below, 6 floors above should use 80 thick at least.

3. Thickness of steel lining. In order to reinforce the steel profile, steel window should be sandwiched inside the steel lining, steel lining has 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm two thickness. The national standard is 1.2 mm thick, which is enough for an ordinary household.

4. Hardware source. Hardware is imported or homebred also is a main factor that decides door window price.

The hardware that bake lacquer wants to see the finish of its surface and brand mark are clear; Stainless steel hardware can be used to try the magnet, if the feeling of magnetic force, so this kind of hardware in the short term may rust.

5, the market price of plastic steel doors and Windows. The price of door window of the brand model steel on the market most common should be in 250~300 yuan /㎡ left and right sides, if configure more high-grade glass or high-grade hardware, the price can achieve 500~800 yuan /㎡ even; The price of window of model steel door of wall thick substandard is in commonly

U-PVC known as UN PLASTICIZED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE is a superior material.

It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendly. With the right combination of ingredients like PVC Resin, Titanium, Impact Modifier, Stabilizers, Calcium Carbonate, and Pigments. All of these materials are combined together with certain standard ratios. Then the profiles are manufactured with the high level of resistant against: Ultraviolet, Hot, Cold, Acids, Heavy, rain and Dust, The optimal quality U-PVC is manufactured.

U-PVC windows and doors could be used in all kinds of buildings regardless of its altitude.

This windows and doors are easily operated even under any weather condition due to its coefficient of thermal expansion.