The Upvc Profile Supplier-Fonirte

28 Jun, 2017

The Fonirte Upvc Profile , We are the Upvc Profile Supplier from China

FONIRTE Upvc Profile (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) is a rigid, chemical resistant and long-lasting polymer which has been used in the construction of windows and doors for over 50 years.  The numerous benefits of UPVC’s, which no material can collectively match has helped UPVC garner more than 50% market share in countries like the UK and the USA (where it is also known as vinyl). The benefits of uPVC include:

Energy Efficiency

Our profile system offers a higher standard of thermal insulation than the traditional aluminium, steel or timber alternatives. Due to the multi-chamber design of the uPVC profiles as well as the thermal properties of the uPVC itself, the transfer of temperature through FONIRTE Upvc Profile windows and doors is greatly restricted. This makes our profiles very energy efficient as they will lower the cost of heating or cooling your home.


Noise Reduction

After a busy work day, a peaceful environment helps you to de-stress. Our BEIDI uPVC windows and doors superior insulation due to their multi-chamber technology combined with a double EPDM/PVC rubber gasket system will keep your home soothingly quiet, even if you live near busy main roads.

Plastic steel window and door upvc profile supplier

Safety & Security

All our profiles have been engineered with security and safety in mind. The uPVC profiles are also difficult to ignite and are self-extinguishing; engineered with the safety of your loved ones and property in mind.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning your windows and doors is no longer a chore. The smooth surface of our profiles is easy to clean and does not attract dirt, they are also chemical resistant and can easily be cleaned with a standard household cleaner. They will also never require sanding, painting or varnishing. They will not rust, rot or warp, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy life.

Sturdy. Durable.

Our UPVC profiles which includes stabilizers and Titanium Oxide, ensuring they are engineered to withstand the most trying climate conditions, extreme temperatures, high UV conditions and salt-laden, corrosive sea air; and will keep their looks for years.

Our windows and door profiles are also impact modified and are all reinforced with galvanized steel making them very strong and secure.

Plastic steel window and door upvc profile supplier

uPVC is used for window frames due to its resistance against natural elements including sunlight and rain, as well as a good resistance against chemicals. PVC itself is a mixture of carbon, chlorine and hydrogen. The ‘u’ is added in front of the PVC to show that the material has not been altered by the addition of chemicals called plasticizers, which soften PVC. In addition, uPVC does not decompose or rot, and is extremely difficult to break. It retains its shape well in normal climates, making it ideal for upvc window installations.