UPVC profile window production technology master

23 Jan, 2024

Mixing of raw materials: Mix polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) resin, stabilizer, colorant, filler, UV absorber and other raw materials according to a certain proportion.
Extrusion molding: Put the mixed raw materials into the extruder, and form profiles of certain shapes and specifications after heating, melting, and extrusion.
Cooling and shaping: The extruded profile is cooled through the cooling water channel to set it and maintain a stable shape.
Cutting processing: Cut the shaped profile to the required length and perform end face processing to obtain the profile of the required shape and specifications.
Welding or screwing: The cut profiles are welded or screwed to make door and window frames.
Assembly: Assemble the welded or screwed door and window frames with sealing strips, tops, hardware, etc., and assemble them.
Inspection and packaging: Carry out quality inspection on the assembled doors and windows to ensure that they meet the quality requirements, and package them for transportation and sales.
During the production process, in order to ensure the rigidity and stability of the profile, steel linings (reinforcing ribs) need to be added to the cavity of the profile that exceeds a certain length.