UPVC profiles have the following characteristics

1 Nov, 2023

The specific gravity of UPVC material is only 1/5 of cast iron, which makes transportation and installation easier, thereby reducing costs. UPVC material has excellent acid and alkali resistance, except for strong acid and alkali close to the saturation point or strong oxidizing agents atmaximun.
UPVC material cannot conduct electricity and is not corroded by electrolysis and current, so there is no need for secondary processing. At the same time, it cannot burn and does not support combustion, so there are no fire-fighting concerns.
Cutting and connecting UPVC is very simple. The use of PVC glue for connection has been proven to be reliable and safe, easy to operate and low cost.
Pipes and fittings produced with PVC have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high impact strength, low fluid resistance, and long service life. The inner wall is smooth, drainage is smooth, and the pipes are not easily blocked.