UPVC Windows Protection and Application Maintenance

4 Aug, 2017

Nowadays, UPVC windows are very popular in the market, as it does have many advantages compared with PVC and wood windows.

But do you know the method of protection and application maintenance? Let’s find out…

Finished Window Protection

1, UPVC Doors and windows should be placed in a clean, flat place and avoid the sun, rain, and shall not contact with corrosive substances; Doors and windows should not be directly touch the ground, the lower part should be placed on mat. The angle inclination should not be less than 70 degrees, and should take anti-dumping measures.

2, The ambient temperature to storage UPVC windows should not be less than 5 ℃. The distance from the heat source should not be less than 1m. The resting period in the field will not more than two months.

3, In the installation process, we should be promptly clear its surface cement mortar.

4, If the window frame has been installed,the sash hole may not do transport channel.

5, It is strictly prohibited to put heavy objects on the UPVC window frame or sash scaffolding. The outside the scaffolding shall not be pressed in the UPVC windows and doors frame, sash, and strictly prohibit tread windows or window brace.

6, We should prevent the device to scratch the surface of UPVC windows and doors. And we should prevent electricity, gas welding spark burning surface layer.

7, In decoration operations, we should take measures to prevent pollution and strictly prohibit collision the windows and doors.

Application Maintenance

First, the daily maintenance of UPVC windows:

In order to make full use of the advantages of UPVC windows and to extend its service life, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of UPVC windows:

1, We should clean the dust on the doors and windows regularly to keep the UPVC doors and windows and glass, hardware neat and splendid.

2, If the UPVC windows and doors contaminated with oil or other things difficult to clean , you can use Jieer Liang scrub. It is better not to use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning. Otherwise it is not only easy to damage the profile surface, but also damage the surface of the protective film on the hardware and oxide layer , then cause corrosion of hardware. In particular, some customers use sulfuric acid clean the wall, do not let the UPVC doors and windows stained.

3, We should be timely clean up the box inside the granular and other debris, so as not to block the drainage channel caused by poor drainage and leakage phenomenon.

4, When we open the UPVC windows, the strength should be moderate, try to keep the speed of opening and closing evenly.

5, It’s better try to avoid the use of hard objects hit the UPVC windows or scratch the profile surface.

6, When we use UPVC doors or windows, if it’s unflexible or other unusual circumstances, we should promptly find the reasons. If the customers can not rule out the malfuntion, then they need to connect with the UPVC doors and windows manufacturers or suppliers, so that it can be promptly ruled out.

Second, Precautions for use:

1, When finished installation of the UPVC doors and windows, we should promptly tear off the profile protective film, and scrub clean; otherwise the gum of the protective film will stick a lot of residue, clay, sticky ash, and it’s difficult to be cleaned.

2, When it’s windy, we should close the casement window sash in time.

3, The heavy objects cannot be put on the sash or hardware of the UPVC doors or windows.

4, Flat open under the window is changed by changing the direction of the handle to achieve different open, to understand how to operate, so as to avoid damage.

5, Sliding UPVC doors and windows in use, should always clean up the sliding track, keep its clean, so that the surface of the track and the tank without the presence of hard particles.

6, UPVC doors and windows products in the window frames, sash and other parts are equipped with drainage, decompression system to ensure air and door performance and watertight performance, the user in use, do not own doors and windows of the drainage hole and pressure balance hole , So as to avoid the decline in performance of doors and windows, rain and snow caused by rain and water infiltration, to the daily life, work inconvenience.

7, When we push or pull UPVC sliding windows, the force should be on the middle of the sash or lower position. No need too much strength, so as not to reduce the life of the sash.

8, When clean the mosquito nets,  the user should not remove the fixed gauze of the tape, take the gauze, but should be removed as a whole, with water-soluble detergent and soft cloth scrub.

9, In the winter, mosquito nets are not used, the user can remove them according to the need to store their own screens. Mosquito nets should be kept away from the heat source 1 meter away, flat or short side vertical stand, not hard material pressure, so as not to deformation.

10, When use the mosquito nets of sliding windows or doors, please note that coincide with the inside of the vertical sliding frame in to order to maintain good sealing.