When choosing high-quality and practical UPVC profiles

20 Feb, 2024

Check the appearance: The surface of high-quality UPVC profiles should be clean, smooth, and uniform in color, usually milky white or white with bluish tint. This color indicates that it has good anti-aging properties, can withstand outdoor wind and sun, and is not prone to aging, discoloration or deformation.
Check toughness and ductility: A high-quality UPVC profile should have good toughness and ductility. The toughness of the profile can be checked by dropping it to the ground or stepping on it. Good profiles will usually deform but not break. At the same time, try to bend both ends of the profile inwards. A good profile will not be easily bent, while a poor quality profile may crack or break.
Check the wall thickness: The wall thickness of UPVC profiles is also a factor to consider when choosing. A quality profile should have sufficient wall thickness to ensure its strength and durability. When purchasing, you can check whether the national standard is marked on the pipe to ensure that it meets the relevant standards.
Understand the formula: The formula of high-quality UPVC profiles should contain anti-aging, anti-UV and other additives to improve its weather resistance and service life. When purchasing, you can learn about the formula information of the product from the manufacturer or seller.
Check the hardware: If UPVC profiles are used in structures such as doors and windows, you also need to check the quality of the hardware. High-quality hardware should have good inherent strength, appearance and performance to ensure the stability and safety of doors and windows.
Refer to the reputation of the manufacturer: Choose UPVC profiles produced by regular manufacturers that have production licenses and can provide test reports. Avoid buying products from street workshops where quality and credibility cannot be guaranteed.