Why Choose Fonirte

21 Dec, 2022

We have our own team of experienced and skilled design engineers, integrate design resources, and combine market demand to create innovative profile solutions. We have more than 40 upvc profile production lines, specializing in the production of architectural decorative profiles and industrial profiles. Now there are more than 400 employees, including 16 senior engineers and 58 professional and technical personnel. They have high-level research and development capabilities, introduced internationally advanced manufacturing production lines, adopt fully automatic assembly lines, and automatically monitor computers. The annual output can reach 50,000 more than tons.

We work closely with raw material suppliers, integrate industry resources, create a closed loop of production and sales, and a professional team independently develops the formula system. For high-latitude countries and regions around the world and areas with extremely high ultraviolet radiation, the formula we developed can fully meet the local climate conditions and enhance the weather resistance and anti-ultraviolet coefficient of profiles. It also meets the German standard, and carefully ensures that the surface of the profile is smooth and delicate in the raw material mixing stage.

The efficient and robust extrusion process of our plastic extrusion lines ensures higher productivity while maintaining the required quality level. Our profiles are laminated with high-quality, UV-resistant decorative films using environmentally friendly adhesives.

We start with raw material supply, formula research and development, mixing production, and warehouse inspection, and do a good job of checking at every level. After careful testing and comprehensive quality inspection, we ensure the supply of high-quality profiles. In-house testing facilities allow us to carry out various pre-tests to check the performance of the profiles. Functional tests such as airtightness, watertightness and wind resistance as well as corner fracture resistance tests and climate tests form part of the basic conditions.

Our focus is on shortening lead times and staying true to deadlines. A well-maintained stock of profiles enables us to reliably and flexibly ensure timely deliveries to customers