Why We Choose Casement Windows

7 Dec, 2022

When you decide to invest in replacement or new windows, there are many styles, shapes, and materials to choose from.
The popularity of casement windows has been on the rise over the years.

Casement windows swing open and close like an open door.

It utilizes hinges on the side and usually incorporates a crank mechanism to open/close and a lever lock to seal the window shut.


Advantages of casement windows
Casement windows are easy to open and close. It takes less effort to turn the crank than to push the sash
You can enjoy the unobstructed view through the casement window as it does not have any railings in between.
If you want a window that opens completely, you can do so with a casement window, since the entire sash curves outward.

Additionally, window sashes can capture outside wind and redirect it into your home.
If your window is over a counter or sink, the casement window’s easy-to-reach crank will make it easier to open in hard-to-reach situations.
Casement windows virtually eliminate drafts because they are sealed on all four sides.

Expect lower utility costs because they do an excellent job of keeping unwanted air out.

Disadvantages of casement windows
The casement crank can cause the curtains or blinds to rest incorrectly against the window and sometimes get stuck.
If your casement window is in a deck area, it may swing out and block outside traffic.Likewise, things can become dangerous or inconvenient if there are bushes, seating areas, or sidewalks outside the window.
In terms of durability, casement windows are more susceptible to outdoor elements because they open outward, which causes them to degrade at a faster rate than double-hung windows.
The crank unit is usually the first mechanical component to fail. Also, casement windows slowly loosen over time, which means more air will eventually seep into your home.

Casement windows are ideal for you if the following are what you want:

①Want to open and close the window with the crank
②Enjoy a wide view without railings
③Want to capture the outdoor wind and redirect it into your home
④ needs a window that is easy to open above the sink or counter
⑤ Are looking for a window that is completely sealed to keep outside air out and save energy costs