Window play a vital role in any property renovation

21 Apr, 2022

Interior of modern living room with glass walls

window play a vital role in any property renovation, to the point that they are often considered the piece de resistance of any proint .thy are integral to establishing a home’s kerb appeal, andensuring it is as thermally efficient as possible in the long term. As such , homeowners understandably take a lot of care when deciding which window solution best suits their property ,balancing aesthetic appeal with practical concerns shch as ongoing maintenance, thermal effciency and cost effectiveness
in the past, this demand for visually attractive, durable and dependable products has meant that homeowners have gravitated toward aluminium and wooden frames.These materials have long enjoyed an elevated status,with PVC often considered a more cost effective but less visually attractive solution.
However,in response to these perceptions,and with demand for aesthetically appealing,high-performing solutions continuing to endure,PVC has adapted accordingly.While the material has always been associated with marketleading levels of efficiency,advances in manufacturing technologies and foils means it can now match the visual allure of both timber and aluminum.
Over the next 17 pages , we till look at the demands of modern life and how they relate to homeowners’ choice of windows. By doing so, we hope to change perceptions around PVC , and explore how it has grown from a so-called cheaper option’ to abetter alternative that exceeds purchaser expectations, both visually and in terms of performance.
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