17 Aug, 2017

If you’re an individual house owner or property-builders, when buying the housing infrastructure, invariably you’ll look into certain essentialities. Particularly when you’re searching for modern-technology Doors, Windows and Profiles, you are sure to expect exemplary quality. These materials should be longer-lasting; energy-efficient; no pollution; secure and safe; flexible and easy to assemble or dismantle; yet sturdy to resist water, corrosion, fire and such other perils like insects and at the same time, cost-effective.

If you want something that fulfills all your above requirements, then it’s strongly recommended that you should visit BEIDI for modern uPVC doors, Windows and Profiles.

 As a consumer, you’ll be immensely happy, when the manufacturer fulfills the promises made at the time of purchase; and this is done 100% to your entire satisfaction, by BEIDI.

Now the very first item in the specialty features of these uPVC products is High Quality. The expertise of German Technologists is behind in evolving the manufacturing process of State-of-the-Art Technology Products. Secondly, the manufacturing process is certified by the world-renowned ISO-9001 Certification, CE Certificate, SGS, to reassure flawless, quality-assured and excellent end-products, in every aspect.

Next, when dealing with BEIDI, you reap the maximized benefit of using their experience, in distributing building materials since 2008. You can make use of their wealth of knowledge and expertise, in respect of design, fabrication and installation of uPVC products, tailor-made to meet your needs and aspirations. This way, you ensure the most cost-effective and efficient building techniques, using their skills in your construction activities.

All that is needed is you confide with BEIDI about your needs for uPVC products, Windows, Doors and Profiles etc. Our experts will take care of your needs efficiently and effectively, to make you exclaim with joy.

Another benefit is BEIDI are in a position to supply their high-tech and high-quality uPVC Doors, Windows and Profiles. As such, you need not roam long for getting your uPVC products requirements of same quality, with BEIDI stamp.

As for advantages, you should compare these products with others, especially those doors, windows and profiles of wood, glass, and aluminium-structured items. Wood has many disadvantages like shrinking, warping and breaking down, whereas BEIDI uPVC Products won’t. Aluminium will conduct electricity, whereas BEIDI products are made with high-strength fire-proof, shock-proof structures of coated steel.

The energy-saving insulated Glass Units will keep the ambient temperature cool always. You get reduced electricity bills up to 30% or more. BEIDI uPVC products are highly durable; no need to paint or coating; and will look fresh throughout the life of the building. Your money is saved a lot.

The materials used are lead-free and environment-friendly, conforming to the norms prescribed by European standards. The windows and doors are double-sealed, to resist torrential rain and there will be no water-leakage. Sunlight protection is enabled with heat-insulation; therefore lot of energy gets saved to keep your building, home or office always cool.

The fittings will not get affected by Salt water; even in strongly humid climates, the windows will not warp, shrink, rot or breakdown by the weather. Fully reinforced galvanized frames withstand blowing strong winds; and hence BEIDI uPVC products are ideal for sea-side locations and high-rise structures and buildings.

  • Noise reduced by 30 to 40 decibels, since there is double-seal system and insulating glass.
  • There will be no corrosion at all. Termites can never penetrate in uPVC products like they do in wooden windows.
  • Fire-resistant mix forms part of the materials used in BEIDI uPVC products; and you need not worry about any fire-hazards.
  • Complete and total security by locks is ensured, by screwing into the frames of doors and windows. You can sleep peacefully, with no worries about safety at all.

Do we need say more? Think of uPVC Products – Think of BEIDI