Method of installation and maintenance of spc flooring

30 Jul, 2020


        Many people don’t know how to install spc flooring, and how to maintain the floor after installation. Today, Fonirte will tell you about the installation method and maintenance method of SPC flooring.

Installation requirements of spc flooring:

  1. The requirement of spc flooring is relatively high, and the quality of the ground will affect the construction effect of spc flooring.
  2. When laying spc flooring, the base layer should be flat and dry.
  3. There should be no sanding on the ground.
  4. The ground should be smooth and free of oil, dust and impurities.
  5. The cracks on the ground cannot exceed the width of 1.0mm.
  6. The moisture content of the ground should be less than 8%, and the ground should be kept dry before construction.

SPC flooring maintenance method:

  1. Clean up the debris on the SPC flooring in time.
  2. Do not soak spc flooring in water. If it is soaked in water for a long time, it will reduce the service life of the floor. When cleaning, it is necessary to absorb the water in time.
  3. In public places, SPC flooring wears a lot, so the maintenance period should be shortened and the waxing quantity of the ground should be increased.