Ingenious selection of new building upvc door and window profiles

3 Aug, 2020



UPVC doors and windows are a new generation of door and window materials. Because of their high wind pressure resistance, good air and water tightness, small air and rain penetration, low heat transfer coefficient, heat preservation and energy saving, sound insulation and heat insulation, they have become the first Four generations of new building doors and windows. Matters needing attention when purchasing plastic doors and windows:

1. All four sash doors and windows are connected as a whole without screw connection.

2. Sliding doors and windows can be opened and slid freely, with a soft sound and no dust falling off.

3. Special steel linings are embedded in the door and window frames and fan profiles.

4. The glass should be flat and firmly installed. The installed glass should not directly touch the profile. Glass glue cannot be used. If it is a double glass flat layer, there should be no dust and moisture in the interlayer.

5. The switch parts are closed tightly and the switch is flexible.

6. upvc doors and windows are all processed in the factory workshop with professional equipment, and cannot be made on the construction site.

In addition, when purchasing, it is best to choose brand-name materials produced by well-known companies, and choose a construction team with high professional quality, a regular construction unit or dealer with a certain scale to install. Although the price is slightly higher, the quality is guaranteed.