Multi-cavity structure Upvc profiles

29 Dec, 2022

Upvc windows have improved the strength of the components from the simple single chamber combined with reinforcement steel at the beginning, to the use of reinforcing ribs and increased wall thickness of profiles to improve the overall strength of doors and windows.
Then to the double-chamber structure where the drainage chamber and the reinforcement steel chamber are separated, and then to the three-chamber, four-chamber, and five-chamber profiles with better thermal insulation performance.Now, the “passive plastic-steel doors and windows” with a K value of less than 1.0 made of six or seven chamber profiles.
Multi-cavity structure Upvc profiles, with independent drainage cavity, reinforced steel cavity, and heat preservation cavity, so that water cannot enter the reinforced steel cavity, avoiding the rust of the profile steel, and improving the service life of doors and windows. The drainage cavity can ensure that the water accumulation of the frame fan is timely discharge, to ensure the watertightness of doors and windows.