Panoramic door and window with wide field of view

26 Jul, 2019

Panoramic door and window with wide field of view

Panoramic door and window with wide field of view,so  it is  very  populor.

When the irritability and gorgeous colors of the city bother people’s moods all the time, a longing for the return to the original, low-key and comfortable life has become unprecedentedly strong, minimalist style, simple and connotative life will come into being Health.

Fonirte has always stood at the forefront of the wave of taste development, keen to grasp the demand trend of the vast consumer groups.And launched a narrow border mute window with minimalist style.

Panoramic door and window with wide field of view

Ultra narrow side, large field of view

Traditional doors and windows, wide borders, limited view.Especially in the middle of the two doors of the sliding door, the wide profile affects the visual experience.There is always a lingering restraint and obstacles when looking at the outside scenery indoors.

The narrow-frame series of fonirte-narrow frames adopts ultra-narrow bezel profiles, which greatly reduces the proportion of profiles in the field of view, thus obtaining a large field of vision, giving people a comfortable and unconstrained feeling.

door and window are used for upvc profile

High-strength hardware, high level of technology

The more minimal, the more extraordinary.Seemingly simple but the need for more advanced craftsmanship, more sophisticated structural design.The narrow frame doors and windows of fonirte are all made of high-quality accessories, the structure of each place is higher than the traditional doors and windows. The use of concealed hardware increases the anti-smashing ability of the frame fan, and the appearance is more beautiful.

door and window are used for China top hardware

Compact design, more light transmission

The minimalist style is not only to narrow the profile, but also to show the minimalist charm from every place. The exquisite design makes the fan frame narrower and the light transmittance higher.Safer, never fall off  Simple and unconventional, minimalism is not a cut-throat. In order to ensure the strength of the door and window, use high-strength compound glue bonded with Upvc and glass to ensure that the fan never falls off. This glue is applied to all opening fans. At the same time, the matching gold Steel mesh makes the window safer.