The popularity of sliding windows

25 Apr, 2022


1. Save space
The installation methods of sliding doors are rich and free. According to the use requirements, structural forms, and decorative styles, they can be activated or moved at any time, and the space will be divided or closed, larger or smaller. In the closed state, it can save space and make the house appear more spacious.
2. Separation
No matter how different the styles of sliding doors are, they all play the role of space limitation and separation without exception, and the strength of the limitation can be determined according to the size of the sliding door.
3. Lighting
Glass occupies most of the area of the sliding door, and the high permeability of glass will make the space appear more spacious. The glass has better daylighting rate and can effectively maintain a wide field of vision.
4. Widely used
Sliding doors can be used in many places in the home, such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Similarly, the sliding doors selected in different areas are also very particular.