What is uPVC?

3 Jul, 2017

It is the technology of the future, designed to improve the quality of life and help to protect the environment and natural resources.

UPVC technology improves the performance of the window system by increasing insulation, reducing energy consumption and improving sound insulation. The technology also optimizes the use of raw material ingredients, providing refined products that extend the life of uPVC profiles. It can be easily recycled to reduce the consumption of natural resources, thus protecting the environment.

The durability uPVC frame will not rot, rust or corrode because it will not absorb moisture and will not rap, twist or split. The modified uPVC is treated with special additives to make it durable.

Insulated uPVC frame with high heat and noise performance can be further enhanced by the use of special sealed glass devices.

The combustion resistant uPVC frame is only burned in the event of an external heat source. Once the heat source is removed, the flame will automatically extinguish.

Using uPVC window design, you can copy most of the existing and traditional style design capabilities.

The environmentally friendly uPVC frame material is absolutely recyclable, with high energy efficiency and no adverse effects on tropical rainforests.

The cost of competing uPVC windows and doors are both persistent and almost no maintenance, which is the most cost effect choice of materials for builders.